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Powertex Tutor Retreat - July 2016

Powertex Tutor Retreat

One of the lovely things about being a certified Powertex tutor is the way that all of the tutors share tips & techniques, so that we can all learn from each other.  Every summer, Powertex UK host a tutor retreat at their HQ in Warwickshire, loving known amongst the tutors as 'Tex Towers'.

The Retreat is a chance for tutors from across the UK to meet up & network, make a few mew art projects & learn some new skills.  Last year, Birdy Heywood showed us all how to make faces & hands using polymer clay & this year it was my turn to teach the other tutors the basics of building armatures using chicken wire.

Everyone went home with a rather large mouse armature, along with the other projects that had been made over the weekend.

fun with transparent 1

   mixed media 1        mouse armature 2