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Steampunk Book Box

Steampunk Book Box

 A 'how to' guide to create a Steampunk Book Box using Powertex Art Supplies & Mixed Media techniques.

I started with a paper mache book box, a selection of steam punk embellishments, corrugated cardboard, cotton lace, teabag papers & of course, some of our lovely Powertex products - Powertex transparent and ivory , Silk Paper Mechanisms, Easy Coat Mat & brown bister. 

The spine of the book was decoupaged in pieces of tea bag paper sprayed in bister.  The Easy Coat Mat was used to fix them in place before applying a 2nd coat to seal. Then the 'Mechanism' silk paper was applied to the front & back covers.  I love how the teabag papers look like old leather!
The 'pages' of the book were made using the corrugated card.  Cut to size, paint with a mix of ivory Powertex & brown bister, & spray with more bister to 'age' the pages.  Leave to dry before attaching.
Finally the cover design.  Arrange your embellishments & lace, then attach using Powertex transparent. I finished the whole thing off with a little sprinkle of Powertex Rusty Powder, sprayed with a water/vinegar mix & left overnight to react before sealing with Easy Varnish.  Great fun to make & perfect to complete my outfit for the fancy dress event.