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The Inner Artist

Connect with your inner artist

 They say that everyone has a novel in them, well that may be true as I firmly believe that everyone has an inner artist, if we just give him or her the chance to flourish!

Many people think they’re ‘no good’ at artistic pursuits. Perhaps as a child, they were told they had no talent or maybe they felt they couldn’t compete with an arty sibling or friend. As we get older, the stresses of modern life seem to take over and we find all sorts of reasons not to connect with our inner artist (no time, no equipment, no space, etc.)

It’s really valuable to rediscover your creative side, there are so many benefits! Creating a piece of art is delightful and fun and good for the soul. Finding time to be creative is great for your physical and mental health, boosting your immunity and reducing the effects of stress. Connecting with your inner artist makes you a great person to be around and is a terrific inspiration to others.

Whether it’s writing, sculpture, painting, printing or any art form, finding a way to express your innermost feelings is challenging and joyful – it can sustain you through all the downturns in life too! No matter what your age, background or experience, everyone has the capacity to be an artist.

The hardest step is finding the confidence to give it a go. My top tips for taking that first step are to remember:

  1. Practice makes perfect – you may not be entirely satisfied with your first creations but don’t be overwhelmed, with practice, it will gradually get a lot easier!

  2. It’s a journey, not a destination – the creative process is a journey and you’ll take different paths along the way. We’re all continuously learning, so stay curious and don’t get frustrated or lose confidence in your journey.

  3. Challenge yourself – even though being over-critical is unhelpful, you still need to set yourself personal and artistic challenges. Take yourself out of your comfort zone occasionally and push your creativity.

If you’d like to connect with your inner artist (why wouldn’t you?!) and create something marvellous with recycled textiles, mixed media and other techniques, take a look at the wide range of workshops and classes from Artistic Retreats at www.artisticretreats.co.uk.