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Spring clean your home – for art’s sake!

Spring clean your home – for art’s sake!

As we emerge from the gloomy winter months, our thoughts turn to spring cleaning those forgotten corners of our house. Although it might not be time to pack away the gloves and scarves quite yet, this is the perfect time to get our clothes and houses all sorted and ready for sunnier times!


If you’re thinking of taking the time to have a good clear out, don’t forget to save those pieces of clothing and accessories made from natural fibres like cotton, silk, denim, jute or hessian. I love to recycle scraps of cotton lace, old t-shirts and found items in our creative Powertex workshops. The versatile Powertex fabric hardener is water-based, environmentally friendly and acid-free, giving exciting form and structure to all natural fibre materials.


Using other Powertex products helps us to create amazing indoor and outdoor artwork in so many textures and finishes. If you’re clearing out overflowing drawers or cleaning down the back of the sofa, you might come across interesting items like old keys, coins, odd earrings, nuts and bolts, rope and twine – they can be very useful in your Springtime artwork too!


Adding your own found objects into your sculpture makes your artwork so personal and unique. It brings a smile to your face every time you look at it hung on the wall or installed in the garden.


My good friend and Organisational Angel, Lesley Beattie (http://www.lesleybeattie.com/) has some wonderful tips to share about the huge benefits of decluttering – for your physical space and mental wellbeing. “It seems to give us more energy; it helps us to feel lighter, less bogged down and more open and creative in our thoughts; we’re just more focused and ready for whatever opportunities life may bring us.” I totally agree!

Later this month, I’m looking forward to running a taster session (27th April) to create a Powertex wall plaque and also a full day Stone Art workshop (25th April) to create a piece of wall art or a garden sculpture.


In both these workshops we use recycled textiles and found objects wherever possible. I encourage people to bring natural fibres that they'd like to incorporate into their work, but I also have a big box of 'treasure' that we can dig into!


So when you're decluttering your home and changing your winter woolies to summer dresses, remember to save any useful natural fabrics and unwanted items to give your artwork an unusual twist and put a spring in your step too!


To find out more about Powertex and our range of workshops where you can create anything you like with recycled fabrics and found items, visit www.artisticretreats.co.uk