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Nature: my favourite inspiration!

Nature: my favourite inspiration!

In our busy lives, it’s easy to take simple but important things for granted and to lose our connection with the natural world around us. Providing us with the air we breathe, materials for our homes, our environment also gives us amazing inspiration for art. From the array of colours in a sunset to the complex structure of a pine cone, many artists use this inspiration in different forms of artwork such as canvas, wall art or sculpture.


You don’t have to be in a wild, remote place to gain inspiration, your own back garden or a nearby patch of woodland can be equally as stimulating. Take the time to truly appreciate the texture of autumn leaves, a stormy sky, the delicate shades of blossom trees or how moss grows across rocks and stones that weather over time.


I love to use nature as an inspiration for much of my artwork and now I have a new, exciting place to gather even more inspiration – my beautiful holiday cottage, Valley View in Lamorna, Cornwall. This winter and spring, whilst I’ve been working hard to transform the cottage into a wonderful retreat, I’ve been absorbed in the nature that surrounds it.


Valley View, as the name suggests, nestles in a wooded valley with views across to the other side. One of my favourite walks is to follow the babbling stream down through the woods to the rocky Lamorna Cove at the bottom of the valley. It’s such a tranquil place, with just the birdsong to disturb the peace!

I haven’t had much chance to indulge in any inspirational art yet but I’m storing up ideas of the wonderful textures – bark and leaves from the woodland, pebbles and granite rocks from the shoreline and the rippled sand effect left by the outgoing tide.


Powertex is the perfect medium to recreate these amazing textures. I’ll use Stone Art powder to mix my own clay, and to create amazing stone effects. Natural fibres will be added to bring even more life to the texture. Cardboard covered in Powertex plus 3D Sand will give me the wonderful rippled beach.

One of my favourite textures is bark and the paper decoration range will give me exactly what I need. The natural dried and pressed mulberry wood dipped in Powertex and stretched out makes for a brilliant texture relief effect. Adding in the other colours of paper deco, like the grey, green, red or burgundy will create a fabulous abstract barky piece.


I can’t wait to get going on my Cornish inspired Powertex artwork! If you’d like to see my Valley View cottage, or book it for your own art inspiration, take a look at www.purecornwall.co.uk/property/valley-view/