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Is September your new January?

Is September your new January?

So the kids are back at school and the summer’s indulgences are well and truly over, September is a great time to take stock of our lives and embark on a new path. In fact some are saying that September is the new January! 

Let’s face it, With most people not able to stick to their New Year Resolutions, perhaps January is the worst time of year to be doing anything new or creative. September makes for a much better time to reflect on your goals. Ask yourself: where do you want to be this time next year and what changes can you make to help you get there?

Whether you feel refreshed and rejuvenated after your summer holiday or need to knuckle down and get back into your artistic endeavours, you can set new targets for the autumn and start by focusing on the three months to Christmas – perhaps begin to make some unique presents for friends and family or prepare artwork to sell at Christmas Fayres?

This is why September should be our new January

1. A great time to focus on yourself
You can channel the energy you’ve been spending on your family over the summer into yourself for a period of time before the next onslaught of family time at Christmas.

2. A time of new beginnings
Even in adulthood, we still carry the ‘back to school’ mentality which makes September the perfect month to focus on some ‘me time’ or to learn a new skill. We’re conditioned to take on new challenges and we spent our childhood preparing ourselves and getting ready (new pencil case and new shoes!).

3. The weather’s on your side
As the nights draw in and the autumn leaves fall, the time for enjoying a sunny garden is over and you can hunker down at your artwork guilt-free that you should be elsewhere. Plus, the colours are inspirational in autumn – take long brisk walks and enjoy the changing seasons.

4. Get ahead of the game
When everyone else is starting their New Year’s resolutions, you’ll be celebrating your progress! Trying out something new or rediscovering what you really love to do might give you an extra boost of motivation to keep the ball rolling come January.

If September alone isn’t enough to launch your new resolutions, speak to Liz at Artistic ReTreats for lots of wonderful creative ideas with Powertex. Let your imagination run wild this month!