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Autumn Colours Mixed Media Canvas

Is it possible to recreate the rich, bold colours of autumn?

Autumn is widely thought to be the most beautiful time of year – all that gold, red, orange and yellow on display. This season has been the favourite subject of many artists over the centuries but is a bittersweet celebration as it’s a process of change and decay when the natural world puts on its final show before winter takes hold.

Autumn colours are right up there with misty mornings, log fires, conkers and dew-laden webs as the highlights of the season and I absolutely love to reflect these glorious colours in my Powertex artwork.  

Get immersed in nature


Although my creations come to life in a studio, it’s still important to get out and see nature in person. The amazing colours change constantly and there are so many tones and light variations, even within just one leaf! At this time of year, I use Powertex in Terracotta, Yellow Ochre, Red and Green to bring the autumn into my artwork. These colours can also be mixed to make your own shades of orange, for example. If you simply can’t leave an inspiring piece of nature outside, incorporate it into your art with Powertex Transparent, preserving the colour of autumn leaves.


Life through a lens


Photography is a great tool to capture visual information and views from an unusual perspective. If you struggle to remember the exact colours or image from your walk in nature, a photo can fix the subject matter for you. In this age of smart phones, you can take multiple images from different angles and in different light to inspire you when you get back to the studio.


Pump up the colour


Don’t forget, it’s all about your interpretation of the scene around you. You can easily enhance the richness of your red and the vibrancy of your gold and yellow to give that wow factor. Powertex Matt Pigments (Powercolor) in Yellow Ochre, Red Ochre, Burnt Sienna, Orange, Red, Burgundy and Coral Rose are all perfect for adding strong, dazzling touches on your sculpture or canvas. The Metallic Pigments (Powertex Colortricx) in Copper, Bronze Gold, Pearl Red and Terragreen are perfect for creating autumn shades, along with the new Pearlised Pigments (Secret Art Loft) in Tequila Sunrise, Berry Sour, Golden Olive and Green Ginger – the possibilities are endless! All the pigments can be mixed with either Powertex Easy Varnish for dry brushing to bring out texture, or Powerwax for lovely blendable effects.

So why not start your autumn creations by using Powertex to harden fabric and natural fibres or mix with Stone Art to make an air drying clay. Alternatively, mix with Powertex Easy 3D Flex as a paste (for mixed media canvases) or a clay for some great autumnal crackle finishes similar to the canvas in our feature photo.

For more tips or to purchase any of these Powertex products, get in touch or visit www.artisticretreats.co.uk