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Powertex Christmas Trees

Make it a magical, memorable, meaningful Christmas!

Every year, the Christmas build-up seems to start earlier and get bigger and more stressful, with a ludicrous amount of over-indulgence in food, drink and present giving. Don’t get me wrong, I love giving and receiving gifts at Christmas, but if we think a little more carefully about who we’re buying for and what we’re getting them, it would make the festive season so much more enjoyable and meaningful.


Three great ways to make Christmas really special are to share a lovely experience together; give a gift to help the person enjoy their hobby; and create something totally unique and memorable to present to your loved ones.


Do something new together

There's no better way to share quality time together than getting lost in an art workshop for a few hours! Our Powertex workshops are a fun way to learn a new skill or experiment with a new medium.  Perfect for small groups or couples, with no phone distractions - bliss!


Help out with their hobby

If you have a Powertex nutcase in the family already, helping to build up their supplies or giving them a voucher to spend as they wish not only proves useful but also shows that you have given special thought and consideration into who the person actually is and what they enjoy.

Give something handmade

Homemade gifts are a wonderful way to show your love for someone special, whether it’s a tasty treat from the kitchen, a painting of a favourite location or a sculpture to sit on their mantelpiece or in the garden. Homemade gifts last for years and show that you have spent time creating something unique with the recipient in mind.

Why not try a simple and stunning Christmas tree! Here’s how...

  • Both trees in the picture use a polystyrene cone and star with black Powertex
  • Cut strips of t-shirt fabric and dip into Powertex to coat
  • Squeeze out the excess then wrap around the cone to cover
  • Paint the polystyrene star with Powertex and add texture using torn up kitchen paper and more Powertex
  • Attach the star to the top of the cone with a cocktail stick

Gold Tree:

  • Attach small polystyrene stars using Powertex
  • Add strips of lace dipped in Powertex for ‘tinsel’
  • Allow to dry
  • Dry brush the tree using Powertex Easy Varnish and Colortricx Rich Gold Pigment
  • Dry brush the lace & stars using Powertex Easy Varnish and Colortricx Silver Pigment

Green Tree:

  • Starting at the base of the tree, add texture using strips of Paper Deco White dipped in Powertex
  • Layer the strips and pull the bottom of each layer out slightly to create ‘branches’
  • Add ‘baubles’ using lace or small crochet circles dipped in Powertex (a cut up crochet doily with small circles in the design is perfect)
  • Allow to dry
  • Dry brush the tree using Powertex Easy Varnish and Colortricx Terragreen Pigment
  • Dry brush the lace & stars using Powertex Easy Varnish and Colortricx Pearl Red Pigment

For more creative inspiration and to find out more about the wide range of Powertex workshops, gift vouchers and products from Artistic ReTreats, get in touch or visit www.artisticretreats.co.uk