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Powertex Training Academy

Powertex – a smart business move!

One of the most rewarding aspects of being a Powertex Tutor is being able to pass on the skills for people to create their own amazing sculptures and artwork using Powertex. The sense of satisfaction that I get as a tutor when I see that a student is really happy with their creation never dims over the years I’ve been holding workshops and private classes for people.


This month I’ve been able to take my fulfilling lifestyle to a new level as I, and five other tutors, were taken through a gruelling(!) course learning to train others to become Powertex Training Academy tutors. This is the first time that Powertex UK has opened up the training process and it is a testament to the popularity of the product that the teaching is to be expanded across the country.


So I am now a fully-fledged trainer of Powertex Tutors for both Fabric Sculpting & Stone Art techniques, as well as holding inspirational workshops!

I am delighted to be able to share my passion for Powertex and the amazing lifestyle it has given me. With the support of the Powertex UK team, I have the freedom to create workshops and private events, to sell products and offer advice to like-minded creatives. My business is my own, I keep everything I earn and work around my family and other Artistic ReTreats activities. So:

-       If you’ve enjoyed a Powertex workshop and are looking for a new challenge in your life;

-       If you love creating arts and crafts and would like to share your expertise with others;

-       If you can see yourself running very occasional or more regular workshops to suit your lifestyle; 

Why not become a Powertex Tutor? I would love to help you to run your own workshops, support you with business advice and offer you a great range of discounted products.

Powertex gives you the opportunity to make a little extra money for holidays or a full-time career, whichever suits you. The two-day course takes place at my Artistic ReTreats Studio in Northamptonshire and from then on, you will be able to run a range of workshops with Powertex fabric sculpting techniques. A further course can be taken to learn to teach with StoneArt products. All tutor training is booked through Powertex UK  with a choice of dates & Training Academy venues across the country.

It’s worked out so well for me, I can’t wait to train some more Tutors to experience this rewarding and enjoyable Powertex life! Get in touch with me to find out more via www.artisticretreats.co.uk