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Floral Rice Paper

Spring has sprung - have fun with florals!


Spring is well and truly here – despite recent weather telling us to get the winter coat out again! I just love the burst of colour that heralds the start of lighter, warmer days. Gardens are full of daffodils, tulips, forsythia and cherry blossom and the trees are tentatively sending out the most vibrant green new leaves – a real treat for the eyes and the soul! 


I read somewhere that “spring is nature’s way of saying ‘let’s party’!” and with the weather (hopefully) warming up, it definitely feels that way with the riot of colour battling for attention. I’m jumping into colour with both feet, taking inspiration from the garden and roadsides into my studio and incorporating a wide range of bright, cheerful colours into my Powertex sculptures and canvasses.

This focus on florals reminded me of all the fabulous Powertex silk and rice papers that we can use on our creations. I’ve used elements from the various designs on canvasses, wooden boxes and notebooks. From Victoriana and vintage cars to owls and pocket watches, the designs are wide ranging and so versatile. Whatever your theme through the ages, there are some exquisite designs in an Egyptian, Aztec, African or Japanese style.

This spring, I’m drawn towards the floral themes, we have sheets of pretty roses, sunflowers, lilies, daisies and mixed bouquets, but which to choose for a stunning spring creation?!

These rice papers are also ideal for other crafts like card making and decoupage. Have you ever tried decoupage? It’s a lot of fun and great to try with children too – layering cut out pictures onto an object and coating the pictures with varnish.

Powertex Easy Coat is the perfect glue for layering onto decoupage or any creation using rice paper. Even better, it’s weather resistant, which is not always the case with other craft glues, so your creation can live happily outside.

If you’re having a spring clear out of your wardrobe, don’t forget to save those pieces of clothing and accessories made from natural fibres like cotton, silk, denim, jute or hessian. Scraps of these fabric work brilliantly on Powertex creations alongside the rice and silk papers. You can read my blog about Spring Cleaning for Art’s Sake here.

Find out more about Powertex silk and rice papers, the Easy Coat glue and loads more exciting supplies to kick start your springtime artwork at https://www.artisticretreats.co.uk/index.php/art-supplies. If you’re confused about anything or would like some further inspiration, send me a message on the Contact Us page.