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Tripttych Art

Never too expert or too old to learn

This month I held triptych workshops for four lovely ladies – nothing new there, I hear you say. A triptych piece of art consists of three panels that make up the overall image. I usually offer students the chance to create a piece of abstract triptych art using Powertex and recycled fabric and moulded items.


This time, two of the ladies wanted to try the abstract approach, another wanted to create a landscape scene featuring her dog and a pond, and the fourth planned a horse’s head on her triptych panels.



I love to try out different ideas and techniques but these last two creations had me scratching my head for a few moments! The challenge they set me got me thinking about the materials and techniques we would use to get the best results – it was quite a challenge. I had to use all my experience and know-how to help the students create something close to what they had in mind and that they were really happy with at the end of the workshop.

The ladies made a wonderful set of triptych art using Powertex to create beautiful texture and depth within their work. They were all really pleased with the outcome and I was really pleased to be challenged and given the opportunity to come up with new and interesting ways of using Powertex products.

It just goes to show that you’re never too expert or too old to learn new things – that’s what keeps our artwork fresh and exciting. Sometimes it’s great to embrace the ‘beginner’s mindset’, with no preconceptions or doubts whether something will work or be good enough. It’s when we get comfortable with what we can achieve that it becomes hard to feel that beginner’s rush again.

As I often say in my workshops, you really are never too old to learn something new and that means me as a tutor too! Learning is not restricted by age or expertise and trying something different enriches our lives. If we stop listening to the negative voice in our head and tap into what we really want to do, there is nothing we can’t achieve.

Using this passion for trying new things, I’m looking forward to experimenting with the brand new Powertex products available now – there’s a pearly pigment called Black Magic and a set of mini fossil moulds that I can’t wait to get stuck into!

If you’d like to challenge yourself to try something new, I have lots of Powertex workshops coming up. Find out more at www.artisticretreats.co.uk.