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Easy Mixed Media Pack

Great things come in small packages!

Mini travel sized versions of our favourite toiletries are now a staple of our bathrooms. The world is shrinking to suit our lifestyles! From shower gel to sewing kits, everything has become more convenient to transport and try out. The smaller price tag of these toiletries also makes us more likely to try out a different shampoo or deodorant as it won’t break the bank and doesn’t matter so much if we don’t like it!



The travel size phenomenon is also hitting the art studio with the launch of the Powertex Easy Mixed Media Starter Pack. This small and perfectly formed kit includes sample sizes of Easy Structure, Easy 3D Flex, Easy Coat Matt and Easy Varnish – all you need to begin your very own mixed media project.


So what do these non-toxic, water based products bring to the mixed media party?!


Easy Structure

This is a structure paste that can be spread on a surface or used through a stencil to create texture. It can be used as a base layer for Powertex, Inks, paints and pigments and can be applied with a palette knife.

Easy 3D Flex

This is an inorganic powder designed to be mixed with Powertex Fabric Hardener to form a sculptural crackle paste for Mixed Media projects or an air drying clay designed to crack as it dries.

Easy Coat Matt

The perfect decoupage glue and varnish, this gives you a matt, water resistant finish.  Use over our beautiful range of Silk & Rice Papers to give a durable finish.

Easy Varnish

Use this to mix with powder pigments to create weather resistant paints and protect your outdoor creations.

This is a great starter pack if you just want to try a few different Mixed Media techniques without committing to the full size pots of everything (RRP for the full size pots would add up to £34.99). 


Having a play with the new Easy Mixed Media Starter Pack reminded me of the other mini sized products that can enhance your art projects at home. Did you know that there are several multipacks of pigment that are fabulous for creating glorious shades of the rainbow in your work?


So if you can't decide which Powercolor, Colortricx or Pearl pigments to choose, there are 3 handy selection packs, each containing 12 popular pigments to  try before investing in the full size pots. Choose the Powercolour Pigment pack for trial size pots of Red Ochre, Yellow Ochre, Titan White, Turquoise, Ultramarine, Dark Green, Moss Green, Burgundy, Rich Gold, Bronze Gold & Silver. Or if you like a bit of Metallic Shimmer, then why not try the Glamour Pack containing the full range of Colourtricx Metallics plus our 3 Interfernece pigments in Red, Lilac & Blue. Or finally, maybe Pearlescents are your favourite?  If so then the Party Pearl pack is your ideal sample pack including 12 deliciously named pigments such as Mojito Lime, Golden Olive (my favourite) & Lipstick Fizz.


The colour pigments are very versatile when used with other Powertex products. Mix with Powertex transparent to make coloured Powertex of your choice or combine with Easy Varnish to paint and dry-brush your artwork. The pigments can be mixed to create absolutely any colour you require.

Check out our Glamour Pack, Powercolor Pack and Party Pearl Pack on the website.


So there’s really no excuse not to experiment with a huge range of Powertex products to see the different effects you can create on your own mixed media canvas or sculpture. Have fun!


Visit the art supplies section on www.artisticretreats.co.uk for lots of Powertex products and Tips & Techniques to get you started.