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Abyssimo style meetss Powertex

July: A month of learning with colour

In July I’ve been taking time  to learn new skills by visiting Powertex UK HQ for the annual Tutor Retreat. It’s a weekend I look forward to every year as it’s a brilliant time to meet up, share ideas and learn new techniques from some really inspirational Powertex tutors.


Visiting the Tutor Retreat this year was Abyssimo, a super-creative artist. I’ve met Abyssimo (Maria) before and was really impressed with her work and artistic talent, and this year we were able to interpret her work with Powertex Stone Art and take away some great new ideas from workshops and projects taking place over the weekend.



A prominent feature of Abyssimo’s work is the amazing array of beautiful colours that she uses on her textural canvasses. I’m coming straight back from the Tutor Retreat to put some new techniques into action with the gorgeous Secret Art Loft acrylic paints & inks in the most wonderful summer colours.

My garden has burst into colour this summer and I love to sit out and enjoy the bright pinks, oranges and purples when I get a rare moment of peace. Colour plays such an important part in our art and summer creations seems to have a certain zing and fizz! Powertex art is so versatile and I love using the bright jewel colours of the acrylic inks.  They work particularly well when creating a striking canvas.

The range of jewel coloured inks now come in extremely useful 50ml & 100ml spray bottles, allowing us to apply them accurately and as thinly or thickly as we want. As well as the 'yummy' vibrant Raspberry, Tangerine & Egg Yolk colours, Secret Art Loft has also increased the range of metallic acrylic inks in shades called Copper Penny, Silver Sixpence and Coral Pearl. These are going to be glorious to use on my Abyssimo-inspired textured canvasses!

Visit the art supplies section on www.artisticretreats.co.uk for all the Powertex products and Tips & Techniques to get you inspired to try something new or develop your ideas.