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TEDx Banbury

A leap of faith for a fine lady!

With Christmas looming large, in December I also like to grab a few moments out of the madness of festive preparations to reflect on this year’s successes and think about some new challenges for next year. I think it’s really important to push yourself (and your business) in new directions and try new ideas that perhaps take you out of your comfort zone.



So I’ve planned out all my workshops for 2020 and created some new ones too. As well as the ever-popular sheep and highland cow workshops, I‘ve extended my menagerie to include a striking dragon, a lovely hedgehog or rabbit and even a gorgeous cat, hare or fox sculpture based around a bottle.

I take my inspiration from all kinds of people and situations. My fellow Powertex tutors are a great source of ideas and students who attend my courses bring their own ideas which work really well, then family and friends sometimes pitch in with their ideas. All thoughts are put into a big melting pot and these new courses or creations are what come out the other side!

Another leap of faith I’m taking in 2020 is to undertake a TEDx talk in Banbury on 29th February. I was approached by the local TEDx organiser at the Banbury Arts Fest earlier this year and after careful consideration I decided to take the plunge and say yes! There will be a number of speakers taking to the stage throughout the day and the theme of all the talks is ‘It’s the little things’.

I won’t be alone during my talk as I’m going to create the iconic Fine Lady of Banbury (with rings on her fingers and bells on her toes – you know the one from the nursery rhyme) using Powertex and recycled materials. I’m hoping to include a little audience participation in my talk too.

As I’m preparing my TEDx talk, I’m finding many interesting threads to include under the theme of ‘It’s the little things’ and my talk will centre on ‘creativity has no bounds’. It doesn’t matter in which direction your creativity takes you, it just requires a small spark to set off a whole world of possibilities.

Equally, within my own creative area of sculpture, there are new things to create and techniques to tweak, we never stop learning. Discovering how Powertex could enhance my sculptures added a new dimension to my creativity by introducing stencils, rice papers, MDF cut-outs and a huge range of inks, paints and bisters in bold and rich colours.  

Talking of new and exciting products and ideas, did you see the new Powertex goodies launched on the Hochanda craft TV channel (Sky 673, Freeview 85) recently? I now have in stock the new acrylic inks in glorious damson and lava colours, MDF cut-outs that are perfect for mixed media canvases themed around Buddhist, clock faces, Africa, scarab beetle and dream catchers. There is also a lovely new queen bee silicon mould in three sizes which works brilliantly with most media.

To find out more about the TEDx event in Banbury on 29th February, check out the website. Visit the Artistic ReTreats website to find out more about the exciting new products in stock now!