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Cat Bottle Sculpture

Hello 2020! Rediscover your artistic mojo!

My New Year’s Resolution is to try lots of new things! I’m kicking off 2020 by speaking about my artistic ‘journey’ at a TEDx talk in Banbury on 29th February and I’ll be trying out clay portrait sculpture at a workshop next month too (think Lionel Richie ‘Hello’ video!).

Trying new things for Artistic ReTreats mean creating new ideas for Powertex workshops, like the cat wine bottle workshop and the hare or fox animal sculpture, plus reaching out a little further afield geographically and showing Powertex to people who may not have come across it before.

So what are your New Year’s Resolutions? Are you still feeling bamboozled by the chaos of Christmas? Are you desperate to get back into the craft room but not sure where to start or that you’ve lost your mojo? Perhaps your studio was your sanctuary during the Christmas break, did you find time to take yourself there to reset and take a deep breath?



Sometimes it can be hard to refocus on what you love to do and feel guilty to be spending time on yourself and what makes YOU happy. Here are a few tips on getting your creative juices flowing again in 2020:

1. What inspires you?

I’m visiting a textile exhibition at the Heseltine Gallery this week and I’m a joint curator at the Church Lane Gallery in Banbury so I get to see lots of different styles of art and craft. I love to visit galleries and take inspiration from other artists. It can germinate new thoughts and develop ideas that are spinning around in my head. How long since you visited an art gallery, a sculpture park or a craft show?

2. Time to declutter?

The New Year is a good time to have a clear out of old art equipment and supplies. Make sure you have the right storage and rearrange the tools you use frequently on display for easy access. Give them a good clean and re-order those that are looking a bit tired and past their best. Could you rearrange your studio space to give it a new lease of life?

3. What makes you happy?

Are you giving yourself enough time to explore your creativity and enjoy your craft time? Sometimes other distractions take over and we end up cramming our time for art into snatched slots between other demands. Try and create time by blocking it out in your diary, turn off the phone and turn away visitors!

4. Try something new?

This is the perfect time to experiment with something new – a new technique, some new products or even a whole new craft. By trying something new, you’ll learn what you really like to do (and what you don’t) and discover more about yourself and your talent.

If your inspiration needs a boost, you need to upgrade your materials or want to try something completely new with Powertex, take a look at Artistic ReTreats workshops and supplies. www.artisticretreats.co.uk