COVID 19 UPDATE: We are continuing to run our workshops with reduced student numbers to maintain safe working practices. Thank you for your continued support.

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COVID 19 UPDATE: We are continuing to run our workshops with reduced student numbers to maintain safe working practices. Thank you for your continued support.

Lifestyle change

Powertex gave me the lifestyle I longed for

Lockdown has been a time of reflection and contemplation for many of us, especially thinking about the future and how we’d like to make lifestyle or career changes. Some people have had a little more time on their hands, others have appreciated working from home and haven’t missed the stresses of the daily commute at all.

I went through a similar process ten years ago when I left my job with Aston Martin and decided that I needed and wanted a change of focus that would fit more with my childcare needs and explore my passion for more arty pursuits.


I was already making and selling hand crafted work at craft fairs when I met Tracey, who had a single piece of art made from Powertex, in amongst all her other beautiful mixed media. She invited me to try Powertex, which I loved from the minute I made my first sculpture, & we became friends. Two years later, Tracey founded Powertex UK, & as I was already using Powertex fabric hardener in my sculptures, I became Tracy’s first ‘guinea pig’ tutor to be trained.

Not only did I love the versatility of working with Powertex in my artwork but I soon discovered that I absolutely loved teaching others – seeing them take their first steps to create something they’re pleased with. Powertex has become an integral part of my artistic journey and my business has grown around it ever since.

Supported by Powertex UK, I’ve been able to offer Powertex workshops in Cornwall via our Valley View Retreat in Lamorna and since becoming a trainer of tutors myself, I’ve been able to help a new tutor begin her Powertex journey in the South West where there were none before. I love being able to share my passion with others who are just setting out on a new route that is perhaps a big change to their lifestyle.

That’s the beauty of being a Powertex tutor – the role can be flexible and fit with your lifestyle and be as challenging as you wish. As well as introducing Cornwall to Powertex, I’ve enjoyed demonstrating all the products at the NEC and elsewhere, but I know that sort of exhibitionism isn’t for everyone, it’s just as fulfilling to hold smaller workshops for crafty enthusiasts locally!

I am so lucky that for the past 8 years or so I’ve had the freedom to create workshops and private events, to sell products and offer advice to like-minded creatives. My business is my own, I keep everything I earn and work around my family and other Artistic ReTreats activities.

So, during lockdown, have you been thinking about a future career or lifestyle change? I ask you:

  • -     Have you enjoyed a Powertex workshop and are looking for a new challenge in your life?
  • -     Do you love creating arts and crafts and would like to share your expertise with others?
  • -     Can you see yourself running occasional or regular workshops to suit your lifestyle?

Why not become a Powertex Tutor? I would love to help you to run your own workshops, support you with business advice and offer you a great range of discounted products.

Powertex gives you the opportunity to make a little extra money for holidays or a full-time career, whichever suits you. It’s worked out so well for me, I can’t wait to train some more Tutors to experience this rewarding and enjoyable Powertex life! Get in touch with me to find out more via

Photo by //;utm_content=creditCopyText">Simon Migaj on Unsplash