COVID 19 UPDATE: We are continuing to run our workshops with reduced student numbers to maintain safe working practices. Thank you for your continued support.

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COVID 19 UPDATE: We are continuing to run our workshops with reduced student numbers to maintain safe working practices. Thank you for your continued support.

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Everyone ‘opens up’ at a different pace

If you’re like me, the re-opening of our lives during this pandemic has as many challenges as the stricter lockdown times had. It’s hard to get our heads around what is now permitted, advised or still forbidden and there seem to be some grey areas that are interpreted in different ways by different people depending on their circumstances.

Whilst I have been eager to open up the studio and welcome visitors for Powertex workshops, I’m very conscious that not everyone will be ready to get out there and resume ‘normal life’ again yet. And that’s absolutely fine, all I can do is to make sure that I follow the guidelines set out and offer as risk-free an environment as I possibly can.


So in the build-up to re-opening on 4th July, I threw myself into clearing out and cleaning the studio from top to bottom. It was a cathartic process – removing old craft items that I know I won’t use, sorting out all the Powertex products in a clear display and rearranging the furniture so that I can safely teach two people from the same household.

For some of my customers who had their workshops postponed, they can’t wait to get back into the studio with me but for others, it’s not the right time yet, they may be still shielding or just don’t feel comfortable with being out in the wider world.

I recently read about feelings of ‘social detachment’ derived from our social distancing. We’ve actually become quite accustomed to a more unconnected, self-reliant way of life with far less physical contact and it is becoming more difficult to build social interactions into our daily routines again. I can understand this – we are more wary of certain contact situations and need to move at our own pace to feel comfortable, whether that’s at the hairdressers, with friends or in an art studio.

From an Artistic ReTreats point of view, I was desperate to re-open, both in terms of revenue and to be able to teach people again and share in their joy at what they’ve created during the workshop. But I know that I need to build up my interactions slowly, with a maximum of just 2 people per workshop at present and allow plenty of time between to clean down and prepare for the next one.

For the foreseeable future, our lives are all about managing risk and this doesn’t sit comfortably for many people. It’s impossible to predict what the rest of the year will look like so I’m trying not to get caught up in the endless ‘what ifs’ that are circulating. We can only control what is in our power to control and we should all move at the pace that suits each of us individually.

So if you feel that you are ready to increase your outings to include a much-needed Powertex workshop, I’ve got lots planned over the summer – and if the workshop you want to attend is fully booked, get in touch so that I can put in an extra date for you. If you don’t feel ready to step outside just yet but are keen to get creating again, I can send out a workshop kit that we can work on together via an online Zoom call.

Stay safe and stay connected by whichever means you feel most comfortable, there is no right or wrong. I look forward to seeing you soon.

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