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Travel through our art

Travel the world through your art!

Like many people, we’ve missed out on a few holidays abroad in the last year and nobody can say for certain that we will be able to seek out sunnier climes this summer either.

We are lucky to have our Cornish Artistic ReTreat, Valley View but that’s (thankfully) all booked up with visitors through the spring and summer 2021 so we won’t be able to enjoy any time there ourselves until later in the year.

Our enforced ‘staycations’ in the UK have made me really appreciate the fantastic country we live in and whether it’s countryside or coast, we are trying to make the most of what is on our doorstep.

As artists, we are constantly looking for inspiration in our surroundings and travel gives us the opportunity to experience a whole different view of cultures and surroundings. For some, the sense of wanderlust, the strong desire to travel, cannot be suppressed for much longer! With this in mind, I’ve been searching the Powertex supplies for an amazing selection of travel themed items.

So where do you want to go first?!


Egyptian art and culture offer us a wealth of products to create the most amazing artwork. There are lots of Egyptian rice papers, Egyptian plaster heads, MDF shapes and our ‘wonderful things’ stencils to bring a new but ancient slant to your latest creation. The Scarab and Anubis silicon moulds are wonderful, as are the Egyptian-inspired rubber stamps.


From Savanah scenes, trees and wildlife rice papers, Masai plaster heads and even a choice of 4 hot air balloon MDF shapes to travel in, take a safari trip to Africa and recreate the deserts, plains and jungles of Africa in your art. There is even an Africa map (including Zanzibar) to show you the route!


A little closer to home you can find rice papers on an elegant Venetian or Parisienne theme. All papers can be applied using Powertex Easycoat Mat or Easycoat Glossy, then seal using another layer over the top of the paper. If you need a water-resistant finish, use the Glossy.

Asia and South America

Strong Aztec designs feature in our rice and silk papers, along with delicate Japanese art and even Geisha and Buddha plaster heads to explore cultures further afield.

Great Britain

We can’t take a trip around the world without appreciating the beauty of our sights at home. You will find papers with images of London and the British seaside and don’t forget a selection of MDF lighthouse shapes for that authentic seaside creation. For a lovely vintage look, there are aged maps, vintage cars and sailing ships in the collection too.

The MDF shapes can be used with a wide variety of mixed media, not just Powertex. Try them out with any craft project - just paint or decorate however you wish!

We may be fighting our innate desire for new adventures this year, but it’s totally possible to experience an adventurous trip through our artwork – let’s make people jealous with our travel-inspired works of art this year!

To find out more about all the products mentioned, please visit https://www.artisticretreats.co.uk/index.php/art-supplies