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Essential Maintenance

Essential maintenance in a stressful time

Now the world is opening up more – hugging, socialising, visiting – it’s time to treat yourself to a bit of ‘me time’. Or as life coach, Jackie Meek puts it ‘essential maintenance’! As we try to fit more and more into our lives now, the stresses and anxiety of the past year can become difficult to put behind us.

Essential Maintenance helps us to build our resilience and be the best person we can be. After such a testing time, it’s important to recharge our batteries, boost our self-esteem and spread our wings a little. That can be a bit daunting though, can’t it? But if we don’t love ourselves, who will?! It’s the little pleasures and essential maintenance that helps to get us through the daily grind.


Sometimes we need to be reminded that we deserve to do something that makes us happy regularly but it’s hard in challenging times to justify the time and effort needed to plan for essential maintenance. It’s not being selfish; in fact it helps us to take on those challenges with strength and positivity.

The COVID pandemic has taught us that it’s OK to slow down a little and not get caught up in the world’s obsession with fast lives, fast cars and fast fashion! There are so many demands on our time but there are only 24 hours in the day, so we need to concentrate on what’s really important.

Essential maintenance is about self-care and building self-worth. One tip to try is to write down the things that make you feel rejuvenated and happy. Some things can be done daily, like mindfulness or a walk in the park, whilst other things are done more infrequently, like an art class or a pedicure.

I recently read about feelings of ‘social detachment’ derived from our year of social distancing. We’ve actually become quite accustomed to a more unconnected, self-reliant way of life with far less physical contact, and it is proving difficult to build social interactions into our daily routines again. I can understand this – we are more wary of certain contact situations and need to move at our own pace to feel comfortable, whether that’s at the hairdressers, with friends or in an art studio.

From an Artistic ReTreats point of view, I am so looking forward to restarting Powertex workshops, both in terms of revenue and to be able to teach people again and share in the joy at what they’ve created during the workshop. But I know that I need to build up my interactions slowly, with a maximum of just 2 people per workshop at present and allow plenty of time between to clean down and prepare for the next one.

So, is it time to treat yourself to some essential maintenance and join me to create something fun and fulfilling with Powertex this spring? Take a look at the list of workshops and see if something takes your fancy.

Photo thanks to Jackson Simmer on  Unsplash.com