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Powertex Tree Trunk

Barking up the wrong tree? Find an expert to help out!

I was contacted recently by a lovely felt crafter who had purchased a bottle of Powertex at the NEC some time ago, but hadn’t managed to work out what to do with it yet! It’s a common trait of crafters, isn’t it? We all think, ‘that’s a good idea, I’d love to give that a try sometime...’, buy all the kit & then never get around to having a go!


She had an idea to create a tree stump from the cardboard inner tube of a role of carpet on which to display her gorgeous felt craft owl and other woodland creatures. She just needed some help to create the bark effect and knew that Powertex could help with this.

I love this sort of bespoke workshop approach – artists helping other artists! There’s always somebody out there who knows just how to create the random thing you need! I planned the workshop to make sample boards with three different ‘bark’ techniques created from paper deco, Easy Structure & Easy 3D Flex, allowing the student to learn a number of different techniques before chosing which she preferred for the actual tree stump. Having opted for the paper deco technique, the final project was then created, allowed to dry outside in the sun over lunchtime, before adding colour with pigments & Easy Varnish.

The workshop made me cast my mind back to a lovely trip to Devon last summer when we combed the Woolacombe beach and found some amazing pieces of driftwood (see blog from August 2020). Beachcombing is one of my favourite things to do and I love to incorporate the natural things I find into my creations.

With even more people taking a UK ‘staycation’ rather than going abroad this summer, there are plenty of opportunities to gather natural items from our countryside and coastlines. Why not try making impressions of leaves and feathers in Stone Art Clay? Or actually coat the leaves and seed pods in Powertex Fabric Hardener to incorporate into a wall plaque, canvas or sculpture. (Top tip: evergreen, waxy leaves don’t work well with Powertex so choose deciduous leaves instead).

If you’re in need of a particular piece to complete your artwork, there are lots of nature-inspired items in my Powertex online shop! Why not try:

  • Stencils – fossils, pebbles, feathers, tree
  • Rice papers – floral, butterflies, shells
  • MDF shapes – animals, feathers, shells, leaves
  • Silicon moulds – fossils, daisies, roses, pansies, sunflowers, ivy, bees

Wow! What a choice! I hope you’re having a wonderful summer and finding lots of natural inspiration in the environment around us. If you need some help, why not sign up to one of our Artistic ReTreats workshops or ask about a bespoke session at the Studio and we can talk through your ideas. If a workshop you like is fully booked or you’d like it on a different day, please get in touch.