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5 reasons experience gifts beat material gifts

For those of us that have had big birthdays, anniversaries, weddings and special holidays postponed during the pandemic, it’s time to catch up on the fun!

I planned a whole year of new experiences for my 50th birthday in 2020 and we’re coming to the end of that year but there are so many new art experiences that I didn’t manage to complete. So I’m extending my ‘50th year of new experiences’ past my 51st birthday (and maybe beyond)!

My family know me well and are happy for me to suggest art experiences that will thrill and challenge me. There’s not much material ‘stuff’ I need now so I definitely think that experience gifts are the way to go. And here’s why:


1. The anticipation

Once you’ve opened your experience gift, it prolongs your birthday to know that you have something exciting to do in the future weeks or months. A box of chocolates is lovely but it’s gone within days (or hours) of opening! The happiness of looking forward to an experience is longer lasting and builds as you get nearer to the event.

2. Sharing the fun

Experiences tend to be a shared event with friends, family or the gift giver themselves. Enjoying an experience can also be an opportunity to meet new people that are trying the experience for the first time too. Friendships can be formed and cemented as you share the fun and the challenge.

3. Greater value

Although the gift giver might think that a huge box wrapped in colourful paper and ribbons looks more thoughtful, actually the fact that someone has thought of an appropriate, exciting experience for the gift receiver makes it even more thoughtful and appreciated. It’s also probably something that the receiver would never have booked for themselves.

4. It’s unique

There’s no danger of getting a duplicate experience gift, but you may be over-run with more bath crystals and earrings than you can possibly use or wear! The uniqueness of your gift will also mean that you’re not comparing your gifts with others, it’s totally different and special.

5. Treasured memories

Agreed, a necklace or an ornament will last longer than a day out trying a new art form or going to a concert, but the memories created by the experience remain as exciting as the day itself, for years to come.


As long as the gift is chosen with care and understanding of what the recipient would love to do, I think it’s the perfect treat!


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Photo thanks to Tetiana Shyshkina on www.unsplash.com