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September calender

How can we adjust to a new-found ‘busyness’?

As the children go back to school, my mind turns to the last quarter of the year – what I’d still like to achieve in 2021 and looking ahead to how 2022 might pan out.

Some say that September is the new January and I really feel like it’s a time of new beginnings – especially this year as we’re able to be with more people we may not have seen for a long time. With just a quarter of the year left, it concentrates the mind into thinking of what’s really important to achieve now and what will be good to plan into 2022.


I’m already finding that I’m busier in September than I have been for months (not surprisingly!) and with those additional diary commitments comes a certain amount of anxiety. I’ve got out of practice of juggling family and work calendars, and have got quite used to a different pace of life.

The pressures of doing more come about because we see busyness as a sign of efficiency and success, it’s a sort of badge of honour. But the pandemic has shown us a different lifestyle and whilst the changes created more stress for some, it was a breath of fresh air for others.

So the question is, how do we take the best parts of the lockdown lifestyle and carry them through into our post-pandemic busier lives?

We need to ask ourselves:

- What do I want to focus my time on and what is less of a priority? We are often busy doing things that aren’t totally necessary.

- Where can I find the space to spend quality time with others or simply doing nothing? Doing nothing doesn’t mean you’re lazy, you’re recharging your batteries.

- How can I look after my own health and wellbeing better? Spending time on yourself is essential maintenance and means you’re stronger to face new challenges.

- What are the boundaries I can set between work and home? We need to be better at saying no to some commitments.

- How can I put more value on the time when I’m not busy? We should set realistic expectations of how long activities take and plan accordingly.

- How can I get rid of the guilt I feel when I haven’t completed a task? The chances are, it will still be there tomorrow and the world won’t stop if we don’t do it today.

One aspect of my pandemic lifestyle that I definitely want to continue with is learning new skills and having new artistic experiences. I got to try a range of new creative techniques in the past year and I hope I’ll be able to find the time to continue with these as we head into 2022.

If you feel like you’re ready to open up and try something new, why not check out the wide variety of Powertex workshops at Artistic ReTreats? There’s something for total beginners and for those who’d like take their Powertex skills to the next level.

Photo thanks to Estee Janssens on www.unsplash.com