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stone effect fossil canvas

The wonderful world of Stone Art

The craving for figurative workshops is not abating – I’ve helped several people with various animal and other sculptures lately – from a tiger to a bird of paradise. Thank goodness for Stone Art I say!

Stone Art really comes into its own for this type of creation and it can be used in different ways. So, here’s a reminder of how special and versatile Stone Art is:


What is Stone Art?

Stone Art is a powder made from recycled wood pulp that is a great medium for fine or coarse textures. It can be added to wet Powertex fabric hardener in layers to create a coarse or smooth stone effect or when mixed with Powertex in equal proportions, Stone Art forms an air-drying clay that can be shaped.

Stone Art for canvas creations

Stone Art can be added to a surface to create a stone texture for a mixed media creation. Pressing into different coloured Powertex will give different natural stone effects – Black or Lead Powertex for granite, Ochre Powertex for sandstone, etc. Remove the excess Stone Art powder and ‘polish’ with the heel of your hand to create a smoother look. By repeating the process & reusing the discarded Stone Art powder, you can build up coarser textures. Go wild with different jewel coloured pigments, inks and paints for a colourful finish, or spray with bisters for a more natural look.

Stone Art for sculpture

To make the best clay, mix Stone Art with Powertex until it is easily held and not too sticky. You can wrap this clay in cling film and keep it for up to two weeks. Apply in sections over an armature to create a sculpture, smoothing sections together with a little water & rubbing your finger over the surface in circular motions. Use the clay to sculpt details. Alternatively, press the clay into moulds to make lovely embellishments and decorative features for any artistic project. As Stone Art is air-drying, there is no need for a kiln and as it’s mixed with Powertex, it’s waterproof and will happily live outside.

Stone Art for crackle effect

Roll out a ball of clay to a 2cm thickness and sprinkle with different colour pigments, rubbing them into the clay on both sides. Roll out the clay to a 1cm thickness from the centre and the pigment colour will start to crackle through. This can be used to decorate your artwork when fixed with Powertex.

Stone Art is such an important part of the Powertex family that it gets its own Training Academy level. I offer this training once the Fabric Sculpture training level has been completed as it naturally follows on.

If you’d like to get creative with Stone Art, there are lots of different workshops that use the amazing substance. Take a look at what’s on offer here. Or if you have a particular idea for a sculpture or canvas creation, get in touch and we can arrange a 1-2-1 workshop to explore your ideas.