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stone effect fossil canvas

The wonderful world of Stone Art

The craving for figurative workshops is not abating – I’ve helped several people with various animal and other sculptures lately – from a tiger to a bird of paradise. Thank goodness for Stone Art I say!

Stone Art really comes into its own for this type of creation and it can be used in different ways. So, here’s a reminder of how special and versatile Stone Art is:


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bendy tree

Being flexible: better to bend than break

Sometimes things don’t go according to plan, that’s a given. It’s how you cope with the changes and make the best of them that indicates whether you stay successful or not.

Just lately, I’ve had to be more flexible and it’s not something that has always come easy to me. I used to get quite stressed when I had to deviate from my schedule, but since the pandemic, when we’ve all had to embrace a whole new level of flexibility, I think I’m more accepting that change will happen and it’s not always a bad thing. After all, the only certainty is uncertainty!


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spring snowdrops

Reconnecting with nature this Spring

I’ve recently spent a lovely few days at Valley View, my Cornish Artistic ReTreat in Lamorna and with a bit of Spring sunshine coming through, I was able to get out and about and enjoy the fabulous countryside.

As the earth seems to be waking up from Winter, with the first signs of new growth and colour from Spring flowers, it’s also a time for new beginnings and a new focus on goals for the year. On my Cornish walks I learnt more about the legends and myths of the area and how art plays such an important role in Cornwall’s heritage.


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gratitude stones

My business keeps giving the life I love (& you could do it to...)

Over the past couple of years, lots of people have taken stock of their work life during and post-pandemic and are considering ‘going it alone’. I would highly recommend it!

After a challenging end to January (see my February newsletter), I’m very lucky to be able to take some time in February to get back on my feet, take stock and spend time with my family. I feel very fortunate to have the flexibility to step away from my business for emergencies and shift my priorities for a short while.

I’m so grateful to have built up Artistic ReTreats with the support of wonderful, understanding clients. For the first time since opening my own business eight years ago, I had to cancel a workshop for personal reasons. The flexibility that I now have has developed over the years of being my own boss and adapting my business to suit my family life.


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miracle morning

Start the year with a Miracle Morning

I’m not a fan of big New Year’s Resolutions. I think they put too much pressure on ourselves and are difficult to maintain, a huge percentage of resolutions are abandoned before the end of January.

However, I do believe in the benefit of making small changes that can improve our outlook and lifestyle. So for this January 2022 I'm changing 'just one thing', by revisiting the ‘Miracle Morning’ way of starting my day. I tried this last summer with some success but with the pandemic and other challenges, I didn’t manage to keep it up. I definitely felt the benefit last year so I’m giving it another go!


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