COVID-19 Update 15th June 2021:  We are open! Bookings for workshops now being taken.  Max 2 people from a single household until restrictions lift further. Welcome back!

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COVID-19 Update 15th June 2021:  We are open! Bookings for workshops now being taken.  Max 2 people from a single household until restrictions lift further. Welcome back!

Art Experience

5 reasons experience gifts beat material gifts

For those of us that have had big birthdays, anniversaries, weddings and special holidays postponed during the pandemic, it’s time to catch up on the fun!

I planned a whole year of new experiences for my 50th birthday in 2020 and we’re coming to the end of that year but there are so many new art experiences that I didn’t manage to complete. So I’m extending my ‘50th year of new experiences’ past my 51st birthday (and maybe beyond)!

My family know me well and are happy for me to suggest art experiences that will thrill and challenge me. There’s not much material ‘stuff’ I need now so I definitely think that experience gifts are the way to go. And here’s why:


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Powertex Tree Trunk

Barking up the wrong tree? Find an expert to help out!

I was contacted recently by a lovely felt crafter who had purchased a bottle of Powertex at the NEC some time ago, but hadn’t managed to work out what to do with it yet! It’s a common trait of crafters, isn’t it? We all think, ‘that’s a good idea, I’d love to give that a try sometime...’, buy all the kit & then never get around to having a go!


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Essential Maintenance

Essential maintenance in a stressful time

Now the world is opening up more – hugging, socialising, visiting – it’s time to treat yourself to a bit of ‘me time’. Or as life coach, Jackie Meek puts it ‘essential maintenance’! As we try to fit more and more into our lives now, the stresses and anxiety of the past year can become difficult to put behind us.

Essential Maintenance helps us to build our resilience and be the best person we can be. After such a testing time, it’s important to recharge our batteries, boost our self-esteem and spread our wings a little. That can be a bit daunting though, can’t it? But if we don’t love ourselves, who will?! It’s the little pleasures and essential maintenance that helps to get us through the daily grind.


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Travel through our art

Travel the world through your art!

Like many people, we’ve missed out on a few holidays abroad in the last year and nobody can say for certain that we will be able to seek out sunnier climes this summer either.

We are lucky to have our Cornish Artistic ReTreat, Valley View but that’s (thankfully) all booked up with visitors through the spring and summer 2021 so we won’t be able to enjoy any time there ourselves until later in the year.

Our enforced ‘staycations’ in the UK have made me really appreciate the fantastic country we live in and whether it’s countryside or coast, we are trying to make the most of what is on our doorstep.

As artists, we are constantly looking for inspiration in our surroundings and travel gives us the opportunity to experience a whole different view of cultures and surroundings. For some, the sense of wanderlust, the strong desire to travel, cannot be suppressed for much longer! With this in mind, I’ve been searching the Powertex supplies for an amazing selection of travel themed items.

So where do you want to go first?!

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Floral Journal

Spring into action with the help of a list!

I’m a big fan of making lists but over the past few months I’ve got out of the habit. I just didn’t feel the need as much. I suppose because life was so different, I wasn’t juggling Artistic ReTreats workshops, my own art classes, studio work, Valley View bookings and family stuff – I was focussed on home schooling and not much else!

To ‘spring’ into the month of March, I excitedly created my first ‘to do’ list of the year. Is this a sign that things are starting to open up and I need to think about what my new ‘normal’ will be in 2021? Yes, I think so! But after the satisfaction of making the list, I came a little unstuck, I was out of practice in the art of actually completing the tasks and didn’t achieve as much as I’d hoped.


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