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mdf drop out shapes

The shape of things to come?

With household budgets getting squeezed more and more, I fear that hobbies and interests may become the ‘luxuries’ that some people will have to go without. Such a shame as I know that our hobbies and crafts are far more essential to our wellbeing and happiness than mere ‘luxuries’.

So, this month, I wanted to feature the wonderful – and very cost-effective – Powertex MDF shapes.


The themed packs of shapes are so versatile, and you don’t need to use them with Powertex. They are great to incorporate in mixed media artworks & the larger shapes can be used as a base for 2D or 3D structures. One pack can be used for a few different projects, allowing you to experiment and get the look you want.

There are so many MDF designs to choose from, and the shapes are priced from just pennies per item, usually in handy packs of different sizes on a theme, like:

  • Egyptian
  • Gothic
  • Alice in Wonderland
  • Animals
  • Steampunk
  • Journal

I particularly like using one of the MDF bases like the guitar or seahorse as the basis for a wall hanging or to create a collage by sticking on magazine pictures or Powertex rice papers.

I also really love the detail on the hot air balloon templates that are really effective when all four designs are used. The MDF shapes create relief and texture on a canvas mixed media creation.

Don’t forget to check out the MDF Drop Out packs – at only £2.49 for a 75g pack of random shapes, these are great value for money for use in a myriad of projects!

There is truly something to interest every artist and crafter amongst the selection of MDF shapes. And if you’re in need of some inspiration, our assembled kits are great ideas for a gift or a project for yourself. Why not try the Explorer Journal Kit or the Dreamcatcher or the Fairy House Kit or the Egyptian Obelisk?! The possibilities are endless!

For more inspiration and to order from the great selection of MDF shapes, visit my online art supplies.